these are wallpockets.






wallpockets are inspired by simple geometric shapes and the curious textures created by clusters of barnacles.


















initial explorations were done by hand, while further iterations were completed by laser cutting and die cutting.






if using nails, align back on wall in desired position, hammer nails through all four mounting holes, then remove back from wall.






first bend all creases. then, attach key to body.






attach back to body.






if using adhesives, attach adhesives to back side, positioned on all four flaps. then, attach to wall.






wallpockets are manufactured by touch from scraps of recycled cardboard






wallpockets come in a myriad of colors to provide an underutilized space with a textural depth that beckons exploration.






wallpockets are die-cut from e-flute cardboard, shipped flat, & have an adhesive-free assembly.



wallpockets were a collaborative effort with shea springer.